Getting Ready For Winter

Our Customer Care Specialists have been contacting customers since early September to schedule winterization of their sprinkler systems.  Service Package Holders enjoy priority scheduling.  Anyone can take advantage of discounted rates by choosing a service package today.  Save money and receive priority scheduling  for next spring.  Visit our Service and Repair page for package details and contact Customer Care for pricing. 

Winterizing Your Sprinkler System

Every year before the first hard freeze of the season, the process of winterizing your sprinkler system or “blowing out” is a critical step to maintaining your investment since the frost level extends below the depth of the installed piping.  Due to the dangers involved with winterization and the importance of doing it correctly, it is best to call a professional. 


Daily Rain Technicians systematically perform winterization to ensure each step in the process is performed correctly and your system is ready for spring. Daily Rain guarantees our winterizations against freeze damage.  



Irrigation Insight

Seasonal Irrigation Tips


Aiming to provide education and tips to your customers, Daily Rain, Inc. offers helpful information on managing your irrigation system all season long with the following guidelines for seasonal watering.

For more information or consultation with a technician, contact us today at info@dailyrain.com

Fall Watering (September - November)
As the length of daylight decreases in late August and September, adjustments should be made to reduce frequency and/or length of run times. Less frequent and deeper watering is always better for your lawn. Maintain summer watering schedule and reduce days to water to every 3 days in September and every 4 days in October. Lawns naturally develop deeper root systems in the fall. Deeper, less frequent watering will encourage this root development.


When to Winterize or "Blow Out" The System

When the temperatures drop and the hours of sunlight reduce, it is a safe time to reduce water and prepare to turn the system off for the winter.  Grass will continue to absorb the dew and light frosts that melt off late morning of the early fall days.  Grass will continue to grow some in the early fall months but unless you are watering newly seeded areas or freshly laid sod, your established grass does not require the water that is did only a month ago.  


Many people begin to turn off and subsequently have their systems winterized as early as mid-September.  It is highly recommended that your system be turned off and fully blown out of any water in the lines, and prepared for winter months.


Daily Rain begins scheduling with our clients in early September and will perform winterizations up until late November, weather permitting.  Daily Rain will guarantee winterizations performed before the first hard freeze but cannot guarantee your system won't suffer if you wait too long!  


Plan ahead, consider a service package with us and get on the schedule to protect your investment and have peace of mind all winter long!


Tips to Ease Your Mind


As the temperatures begin to dip into the low 30’s, you can wrap a towel around the bell top portion of your backflow preventer outside.  This simple “homemade” insulation step can protect the hardware from the colder temps and provide extra precaution as you plan for your winterization to be completed.


Remember, it truly takes sustained low temperatures to cause freeze damage.  Frost warnings and low temps overnight do not put your system in danger.  Daily Rain does recommend, however, that you plan ahead and winterize early to avoid possible damage the rush of the season!





It Looks Like This...

Often times clients call and need our help troubleshooting minor issues.  Our Customer Care team can often point you to the component in your system and have you check simple settings or conditions and made recommendations over the phone... this saves your time, money, and headache. Below are common components of your system- life is alot easier when you know what you are looking for!

Pressure Vacuum Breaker










Rain Sensor

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